Shot 17 Times, Ear Cut Off, Blinded and Pregnant This Dog Now On A Mission To Spread Love

 A dog found chained up by a roadside in Lebanon had her ear chopped off, was blind, pregnant, and had been shot 17 times with pellets. If a compassionate man hadn't seen her, picked her up, and carried her home to Beirut for medical care, she would have remained there. But her struggle for survival was far from done.

The dog, now known as Maggie, was noticed by the British animal rescue group Wild At Heart Foundation. They consented to save Maggie and locate a foster home.

At that point, Kasey Carlin found Maggie. We have to foster this dog, her mother had told her after seeing a picture of the animal. Kasey would later find out that Maggie had been shot in the eyes with an air gun. Her eyes had to be removed because the pellets that were inside her eyes had contaminated the sockets. More pellets were detected inside Maggie's body when Kasey returned to the UK.

Kasey was so moved by Maggie's kind spirit and caring heart that she decided to adopt her even though she had "suffered awful traumas."

Maggie isn't a designer breed; she lacks eyes, has one ear missing, scars all over her face, has loose skin (and droopy boobs), but none of it matters because she has a genuine love for people and makes them smile, according to Kasey. "Being unique or unorthodox is fine since it's what makes us wonderful,"

And with Kasey's guidance, Maggie has thrived.

"As many of you are aware, Maggie has an unwavering heart!

Her enthusiasm is contagious! Her personality is enormous, writes Kasey on Instagram. She also has an aurora, which is quite peaceful. Many people are moved by her narrative, which inspires us all to find our inner fortitude.

Kasey set out to teach Maggie because she immediately recognized that she would make a wonderful therapy dog. Obviously, she succeeded!

Kasey says, "She and I will visit schools and engage kids directly." "I know what happened to Maggie was terrible, but if her tale can inform and encourage people to do good, then at least we can do our part to make this world a little bit brighter," the speaker said.

Maggie likes taking long daily strolls.

Maggie adores Mishka, her "sister." The two enjoy cuddling one another.

Although Mishka is there to soothe her, sometimes her history does come back to haunt her. Her injured ear is prone to ear infections. "Maggie's ear didn't heal well because of the terrible mistreatment she endured and the lack of medical care. She has a small ear canal, and the cartilage that holds it in place is crooked, similar to rugby players' cauliflower ears. Because of this, I have to watch her "ears" very carefully. Thankfully, she doesn't seem overly concerned, but she still gave her the day off so she could unwind. Mishka continued to lick Maggie's painful ear, indicating that she sensed something was wrong. I'm extremely fortunate that these two take such good care of one another. They genuinely care for one another.

Since being discovered bound to a box, Maggie has come a long way. She is now living her best life, nevertheless, owing to social media and committed rescuers.

You can watch more of Maggie’s story in the video below.

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