Family leaves their husky alone for 3 hours, the husky remodels the apartment.

We can all agree that dogs are the sweetest and most devoted animals in the world, but even our little pooches have their moments. It's not always all roses when it comes to them; occasionally, they know how to screw things up horribly in the funniest ways possible, and the puppy in our story leads us on a wild adventure.

Imagine what would happen if you left your dog alone for three hours. For many of us who share our living space with a dog, we know that if we leave them alone for a minute, an epic scene is going to wait for us. That was something a family did, but they afterwards regretted every single moment of it.

They discovered a priceless lesson the hard way after leaving their cherished husky alone for three hours.

Being left alone seemed to boring the husky and he decided for a rapid redesign, but the redesign won't happen only on his place no, but in the entire flat. The husky's parents had planned to enjoy the movies on a Friday night without taking their furry little one.

To be fair to him, the bedroom was actually unoccupied.

The narrative serves as evidence that dogs can be creative at heart, in case any of you were in any doubt about that.

Thank goodness (if we can say that) the dog practiced Chinese calligraphy using "traditional ink," according to his less than pleased owner. The ink is "100% bio and non-toxic to dog or human," he added.

Look at this Husky's magnificent work of art.

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